Top 30 Toucan Tattoos For Men

Top 30 Toucan Tattoos For Men

Toucans or ranfástidas, also known as diostedé, are imposing multi-colored birds that stand out for their song, plumage and, above all, for their particular beak. Coming from the jungles of South America, these birds arouse great fascination and are among the most representative in the world of tattooing.

The toucans reach up to 65 cm in length and their beak can measure up to 20 centimeters. Something that you may not know about these birds is that they do not present sexual dimorphism, that is, both the female and the male have the same appearance.

The image of the toucan generally has a well-known connotation: Tropical. These are the image of the jungle par excellence and represent the easiest way to pay tribute to nature and its grandeur, as well as to the jungles and forests of the tropics where they live.

However, in its sharing for centuries with the ancestors of the primitive tribes of America, this bird was given some spiritual connotations. Some tribes considered the toucan as a connection between heaven and earth and a kind of messenger between the living and the spirits. Others for their part consider it a totem of theater and communication, which is given by its colorful plumage and its particular song.

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