Jane Fonda Appreciates Having “Strong Thighs” Even at Her Age

Jane Fonda Appreciates Having “Strong Thighs” Even at Her Age

Jane Fonda on the significance of aging well and being strong In a recent interview, the 84-year-old actress and activist said, “I THANK THE GODDESSES THAT I HAVE STRONG THIGHS. the 3rd of August, 2022 Pin Share

Jane Fonda

Since the 1980s, Jane Fonda has been a household name in the fitness world because to her well-known VHS videos (remember those?). In a new interview with Vogue , the actress and activist gave a message to young people and explained why she is so appreciative of how strong and adaptable she still feels as she approaches her 85th birthday later this year.

Fonda told the magazine, “I urge young people to stop being terrified of getting older. “Age and that chronological number aren’t important. Your health is what counts “She spoke. She explained in a recent interview that she has prioritized mobility throughout her life, participating in ballet and aerobics when she was younger and focusing on less strenuous workouts now. And she hopes that her fan base, which is made up of people from different eras and age groups, would be inspired by it.

She said, “I know better than I did even when I was younger that keeping active in a way that’s acceptable for your age is extremely vital to your long lifetime, no matter how old you are, who you are, or where you are. That requires Fonda to adapt her exercise regimen as necessary. “My current adage is “not for the burn.” It has slowed down “She spoke with Vogue.

Recently, Fonda’s idea of slowing down included taking lengthy morning strolls before filming Book Club 2: The Next Chapter in Italy. She doesn’t take anything for granted either. She remarked, “The young never comprehend how vital it is to keep your body strong since there’s nothing wrong with them. I didn’t know when I was young.” “Their body functions. They consider it commonplace. You become more aware of its significance as you age.”

She is now conscious of and appreciative of her strength and flexibility in daily tasks. Every time I get out of a car, she added, “I mean, I thank the goddesses that I have powerful thighs, that I’ve worked out to keep strong thighs. “I’m grateful that I’ve maintained my flexibility so that I can tilt my head without pain when I’m backing up a car. Simple tasks like these that young people take for granted become impossible for older people to perform unless they have maintained their strength and flexibility.”

Along with exercising regularly, Fonda also follows other healthy routines, particularly in the areas of nutrition and sleep, as she revealed to Vogue. “Every night, I get eight to nine hours of sleep. I maintain a reasonably good diet,” she remarked, adding that she “is not rigorous about it.” “in terms of her food. “I now consume much less red meat. Due to diminishing fish availability, I’ve reduced my intake. I consume veggies. I consume salad. I consume fresh stuff.”

She summarized everything as follows: “I have nice friends who make me laugh, I stay moisturized, I sleep, I walk about, and I avoid the sun. Laughter is also beneficial.” (While you’re here: Discover more about Fonda’s novel take on aging.)

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