At Zappos, There Are So Many Cozy, Podiatrist-Approved Sandals On Sale for Up to 60% Off.

At Zappos, There Are So Many Cozy, Podiatrist-Approved Sandals On Sale for Up to 60% Off.

The brand-new sandals I got earlier in the year are already showing signs of wear at this stage in the summer. Anyone who has had foot and knee pain understands that it is a serious problem. Walking in flimsy, uneven shoes over time can be extremely damaging to delicate joints, heels, and arches. (FYI: View these seven pairs of comfortable wedding guest shoes that you can wear for hours.)

the positive news Ultra-comfy sandals are on major discount at Zappos, including models from brands approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association . Five items recommended by podiatrists that are up to 60% off are listed below:

Chaco Z/Cloud X2 , reduced from $100 to $95 Strive Kona dropped from $115 to $46. Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue Slide , $35 (was $40) Alegria Beatrix dropped from $120 to $68. Chaco Wayfarer is now $44 instead of $110

Podiatrist Approved Sandals Sale

Chacos are known for providing maximum comfort at all times, and this classic model is no exception. This is true whether you’re trekking a rocky road or simply stepping outside your door to fetch an Amazon package. The Z/Cloud X2 sandal, as its name suggests, has many layers of cushioning that give the impression that you are walking on air. “I purchased these for a two-week trip to Europe that involved a lot of walking, riding, and hiking. They were excellent from beginning to end “one reviewer remarked.

Purchase: Chaco Z/Cloud X2 for $95 (down from $100), .

Podiatrist Approved Sandals Sale

This adaptable style features ultra-soft leather as well as adjustable straps to allow you to modify the fit to your foot. Each step is softly cushioned by microfiber while being supported by a neutral footbed. Additionally, they come in three colors: blue, black, and metallic sheen.

Purchase: Strive Kona for $46 (regularly $115),

After a challenging cardio session, there is no better sensation than sliding into a plush slide, and these Timberland recuperation slippers fit the bill. The footbed provides relief for tired legs by absorbing impact and redistributing energy. Additionally, their slip-resistant soles making them a great option for relaxing by the pool.


These vintage Alegria Beatrix platforms come in four colours of smooth leather and include cushioned arch support and a rocker outsole that reduces pressure on the joints as you walk. One customer stated that after switching to these comfortable sandals, their “knees no longer ache” and that “they take tension off your joints.”

Purchase: Alegria Beatrix for $68 (regularly $120), brands approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association 0.

These strap-on sandals from Chaco are the perfect choice for a day of running errands or strolling pain-free for hours. They are a somewhat dressed-up variation of Chaco’s signature sporty style. One reviewer who visited Chicago said, “I walked for hours with no break-in time at all, and my feet felt terrific.” They said, “They’re also fairly dressy.”

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